All About Fleet Aid and Relief

Fleet Aid and Relief was born out of the hard work and dedication of Samantha Allen who saw a need to offer help and support to people during the Covid-19 Crisis. Since then we have become an official not for profit group run by a committee of trustees chaired by Samantha. Here you can find our more about our constitution including our aims and goals.

Our Aims

·       To provide support to the community across the Hart  District in times of need and crisis.

·       To Promote and foster a network of help and support  for people in their time of need.

·       To engage and work with other local volunteer groups and public sector to deliver the above aims

Our Constituion

This guides us on what we do and how we operate please feel free to download a copy and see more on what and how we do things.



fully covered to protect our volunteers and service users

Please see below for full details of the cover we hold to carry out our activities to deliver our aims.